EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max Portable Power Station (512Wh)


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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max Overview

No need to live without devices, appliances, or tools when you're away from the grid-the RIVER 2 Max Portable Power Station from EcoFlow provides 512 watt hours of AC power wherever your adventures take you. The RIVER 2 stores power in a lithium ion phosphate battery that can be charged from AC house current, a vehicle DC outlet, or solar panels. Power outputs include three 120V pure sine AC outlets, two USB-C ports, one fast charge USB-A port, one 12 VDC vehicle lighter socket, and one DC 5521 port. The battery has a 3000-charge life cycle.

The RIVER 2 Max beats the industry charging speed standard, fully charging in only 60 minutes. Fully charge the RIVER 2 Max while you pack your bags, so you'll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

With a switchover speed of less than 30ms, you won't even know the power was down. Use the RIVER 2 as an emergency power supply during outages to keep essentials from the lights to your fish tank running.

With upgraded long-lasting LFP battery chemistry at its core, you can charge and empty the RIVER 2 over 3000 times. That's pretty much 10 years of everyday use and 6x longer than the industry average. With LFP cells, the RIVER 2 series is safe, durable, and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures.

The RIVER 2 is the first portable power station in the world to get certified. With its high safety standard, the TÜV Rheinland certification means the security and reliability of the RIVER 2 is guaranteed.

The Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of the RIVER 2 with multiple aspects of protection, extending its life to the max.

With four different ways to top up the RIVER 2, there's recharge options. From fast AC to in-car charging when you're on the go.

Why not harness renewable energy while you camp or head off on a trip? Plug in a couple of portable solar panels to fully recharge off-grid in as fast as three hours.

The RIVER 2 Max has an AC output of up to 500W. Need to power a vacuum cleaner or sandwich maker? Crank it up to 1000W with X-Boost mode to run up to 80% of essential appliances.

With a compact portable design, taking travel-friendly power off-grid has never been this easy. The lightweight RIVER 2 Max is ready to power all your outdoorsy escapades, from boondocking to BBQs at the beach.

Use the EcoFlow app to control and monitor the RIVER 2. View charging levels, customize settings, and adjust charging speeds, all from the convenience of your phone.