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  • ماكينة فرد العجين الأوتوماتيكية HAM 01

ماكينة فرد العجين الأوتوماتيكية HAM 01


الحق عليه باقي 5 فقط - اطلبه الآن


Characteristics Lahmacun, Pizza, Lavash and other pastry applications. Thickness adjustments can be made on the roller, so that the dough can be opened at the desired diameter. Thanks to its fast and easy handling feature, dough can be opened for minimum 3 seconds and maximum 5 seconds. Two varieties with 30 cm and 40 cm opening diameter are produced. Practical, easy for serial production. Guaranteed One Years Against Manufacturing and Installation Errors. Capacity : 1000 piece Width (mm):410 Height (mm):540 Lenght (mm):385 Machine Weight (kg):32 Motor Mono Phase(kw):0,37 / 230V