اناليزا - طقم سفرة 1 + 8 - ابيض


<label>فئة اللون</label>
غير متوفر
<label>سعة المقاعد</label>
8 - مقاعد
<label>نوع استخدام المنتج</label>
<label>حماية الضمان</label>
<label>حجم الطاولة</label>
L 200 x W 100 H 76 cm
<label>حجم الكرسي</label>
L 48 x W 48 X H 98 cm
<label>الوزن (كجم)</label>
<label>الوزن الإجمالي</label>
تصميم فاخر و مميز نحن جميعًا قلوبنا لهذا الطقم ، بخطوطه الأنيقة وحوافه المنحنية وجاذبيته المطلية بالذهب. وهي منجدة بجلد اصطناعي مصمم بنمط هندسي وزخرفة هندسية تبرز أناقته فقط. إذا كانت غرفتك تعشق الرفاهية ، فإن "اناليزا" هي المكان المناسب لك.
نصائح الديكور
أكمل المظهر العصري والفاخر من خلال الحصول على ثريا "إيلي" المعلقة من أجل أجواء مبهرة.
ارشادات العناية والضمان

• Use a table cloth or any thick quality cloth on your dining table or any other table which is subject to daily and heavy use.

• Do not keep warm or cold items directly on the furniture surfaces, instead use a hot pad or coasters, please do not keep hot items like a pan or baking dish even on a hot pad.

• To protect your furniture from colour fading, avoid keeping your furniture next to windows and other places where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.

• To avoid minor scratches which may hamper the finish of your furniture avoid sliding or passing items placed on your tabletop.

• Always use water or recommended glass-cleaning solutions for cleaning glass tops. Ensure that all all water marks are wiped clean with a soft dry cloth immediately after wet cleaning the glass surface.

• Always place hot utensils on the metal pan support or trivet.

• Avoid placing items like burning candles or irons on any furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture in the long run, make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture.

• Cleaning your furniture components regularly will help you maintain them for a long time, make sure that you clean your furniture gently with a soft lightly damp cloth; using a rough rag and pressing it hard against the wood might lead to minor scratches.

• In case of a spill on the furniture, never try to wipe it as it will spread the spill and hamper the polish, instead just blot the spill & clean with a dry cloth.

• To protect your furniture from moisture, avoid placing it in direct contact with damp walls. We recommend wiping the moisture promptly with a dry, soft & lint-free cloth.

• Remember, your bed is scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof. Do not place in sharp objects on the furniture surfaces as they may scratch, chip or dent the surface.

• Do not climb on the dining table. Dining tables are not meant to withstand weight beyond 50-60 Kgs.

• Do not climb on the dining chair. Dining chairs are not meant to withstand weight beyond 40-50 Kgs.

معلومات الضمان

The following are what is Covered and Not covered under warranty.

• The warranty coverage mentioned here is generic & category wise, please refer to the warranty period of the product. The warranty covered will be subject to approval by Danube Home inspection team.

• The warranty covers only the manufacturing defects as explained. Any wear & tear & usage is not covered under warranty.

• Warranty Covered - Panels, Structure, Dining chair structure, Real Marble Tops, Tempered Glass tops (UV fixing), Solid wood Tops, Dining chair foam, Laminated Marble & Laquerre finish, MDF Tops, & Extendable Dining top Mechanism are all covered in the warranty.

• Warranty Not Covered - Fabric / P.U., Usage, Wear and tear, Outdoor usage, Commercial usage, Stitching, Decor and crystal, Chrome finishes & Fading issues due to harsh chemicals are not included in the warranty.

• To Claim Warranty, Please follow the below steps:

• Go to:

• Sign In → My Account → Claim → Make a Request.

• Note: Only Eligible products will be shown on the claim page.

دليل الشراء

من أجل الحصول على أفضل منتج يلبّي احتياجاتك ومتطلباتك قمنا بإنشاء دليل الشراء لمساعدتك وإرشادك لتتعرّف على الأنواع والمواد والأحجام والمتطلبات المختلفة لتجربة تسوّق سهلة.

لتصفّح دليل الشراء الخاص بنا

شروط وأحكام الإرجاع

Customer have 30 days to return the item IF its still in ORIGINAL PACKAGING , Not Opened/ Repacked , proven Defective after confirmation of our inspection team

Installed items can be returned within 7 days except the below criteria -Damages due to usage, DIY incorrectly installed, accident, wrongly cleaned,dirty, stained, natural causes or negligence will not be considered for replace/refund. We reserve the right to refuse the refund once confirmed by our inspection team

If the product is not as per the dimension or design on website (color may vary depending on the screen calibrations and resolutions across different displays), customer can claim replacement/Credit note/refund if informed within 7 days of purchase

<label>نوع التركيب</label>
تركيب مجاني
<label>يحتاج تجميع</label>
<label>التركيب متوفّر</label>

العالم للاثاث نسعى ان نكون علامة تجارية رائدة في تحسين المنزل وتجزئة الأثاث المنزلي.